Only FOUR merchant slots remain!

As of this writing, only four merchant slots have not been spoken for, so if you want in on this year’s Clockwork Spiral, sooner is better than later.

Once we sell out, we will take waiting list names – we will know how many of those folks we can accommodate after August 15.    For those who have claimed a spot already, please remember that all booth fees must be paid no later than August 15. Any store not paid up by then will forfeit their slot to someone on the waiting list.



All Sponsor packs are out, and Merchant Packs are current.

As of now, all sponsor packs have been sent out, and all merchant packs are current. The inworld information was sent as a folder, not an object.  Group invites were also sent, and I expect SL to eat all the ones that were sent as offlines, so just ask me or Lokii to resend if you need one.


Booth fee invoices were sent as emails to whatever email address you put on your application. Please check there for details.

As of now we are a bit over half full on merchants, so we do still have room. However, we do not expect to have room for long, so get your application in!

In addition, I’ve added the merchant list page, here.  Merchants will have their stores added as soon as their booth fees are paid.  Please allow 24 hours to get your store on the list- I only check the alt for transactions once a day.

So we’re on the move here! Come and join us if you haven’t already.  🙂



Sponsor page is up.

I’ve just added the About Our Sponsors page, which gives info and mainstore SLurl information about this year’s A Clockwork Spiral sponsors.  There were two merchants who applied for sponsorship but were too late (we were already full by the time I got to your application. I did them in the order in which they were received.) I want to thank them for applying in either case, because it is really kind of you, even though we couldn’t fit you in as a sponsor this year.

All the posters are done for the event itself (the Gothika event poster will come later, as it always does.) My next step is to put together the first merchant pack and send everyone’s merchant invoices via email.  I want to reiterate that all booth fee money MUST MUST MUST be paid to AClockworkSpiral Resident ONLY.  If you send it to me, or to Lokii we won’t know, and it will get lost in our daily transactions. You have to send it to the alt.  Not to us.

I should have that info out to everyone today (I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and I have to sleep before I do this so there’s no errors.)

We do still have room for more merchants as of this writing. 🙂


All sponsor slots are GONE.

They were actually gone within an hour.

But yes, all sponsor slots for A Clockwork Spiral 2013 are gone.  Slightly over half the available merchant slots are gone.  I will be going through today’s apps and inviting the merchants to the inworld group. You will also get an email to the address you provided on your application.

For those people who sent me inworld messages with additional info – yes I got it, no worries. All good.  Merchant packs should be going out for the first round in the next 24 hours. If you get a merchant pack and DONT get an inworld group invite, tell me or Lokii.  It means SL ate it (it does this a lot) and we’ll resend.

If you were planning to apply, I’d suggest sooner rather than later. This is a smaller event than WGF and we will sell out faster.

More info as we have it.


Welcome to A Clockwork Spiral.

Hi Folks! Welcome to A Clockwork Spiral, from the usual suspects that bring you World Goth Fair and Gothmas by Gaslight.

This will actually be our fourth?(I think it’s our fourth…) Clockwork Spiral event to benefit the National Kidney Foundation, but this is the first time it’s going to be more than one night. This year it’s a 5 day event from September 18-22 2013, full of steam, diesel, and dark Victoriana.  Merchant applications are now open (blogger apps are coming, give us time) and can be found right here, along with an event FAQ.

Any questions that need to be answered right away should be sent inworld to Axi Kurmin or Lokii Violet. Please, no notecards- just send an IM.  We’ll get it as an offline.

Ready?  Go.