All sponsor slots are GONE.

They were actually gone within an hour.

But yes, all sponsor slots for A Clockwork Spiral 2013 are gone.  Slightly over half the available merchant slots are gone.  I will be going through today’s apps and inviting the merchants to the inworld group. You will also get an email to the address you provided on your application.

For those people who sent me inworld messages with additional info – yes I got it, no worries. All good.  Merchant packs should be going out for the first round in the next 24 hours. If you get a merchant pack and DONT get an inworld group invite, tell me or Lokii.  It means SL ate it (it does this a lot) and we’ll resend.

If you were planning to apply, I’d suggest sooner rather than later. This is a smaller event than WGF and we will sell out faster.

More info as we have it.



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