Sponsor page is up.

I’ve just added the About Our Sponsors page, which gives info and mainstore SLurl information about this year’s A Clockwork Spiral sponsors.  There were two merchants who applied for sponsorship but were too late (we were already full by the time I got to your application. I did them in the order in which they were received.) I want to thank them for applying in either case, because it is really kind of you, even though we couldn’t fit you in as a sponsor this year.

All the posters are done for the event itself (the Gothika event poster will come later, as it always does.) My next step is to put together the first merchant pack and send everyone’s merchant invoices via email.  I want to reiterate that all booth fee money MUST MUST MUST be paid to AClockworkSpiral Resident ONLY.  If you send it to me, or to Lokii we won’t know, and it will get lost in our daily transactions. You have to send it to the alt.  Not to us.

I should have that info out to everyone today (I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and I have to sleep before I do this so there’s no errors.)

We do still have room for more merchants as of this writing. 🙂



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