All Sponsor packs are out, and Merchant Packs are current.

As of now, all sponsor packs have been sent out, and all merchant packs are current. The inworld information was sent as a folder, not an object.  Group invites were also sent, and I expect SL to eat all the ones that were sent as offlines, so just ask me or Lokii to resend if you need one.


Booth fee invoices were sent as emails to whatever email address you put on your application. Please check there for details.

As of now we are a bit over half full on merchants, so we do still have room. However, we do not expect to have room for long, so get your application in!

In addition, I’ve added the merchant list page, here.  Merchants will have their stores added as soon as their booth fees are paid.  Please allow 24 hours to get your store on the list- I only check the alt for transactions once a day.

So we’re on the move here! Come and join us if you haven’t already.  🙂




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