Two! Two merchant slots left! (mwahahaha…)

The countdown to being sold out often feels like being on Sesame Street.

In any case there are now two remaining merchant slots available for A Clockwork Spiral. I expect them to go fast (the last couple always do.)  At that point will will take any applications and place them on the waiting list. Please don’t let that discourage anyone from applying. Experience has taught me that you *always* need to pull from the waiting list for an event, because things do happen and people drop out for one reason or another.  So keep those applications coming!




About bronxelf

NYC Native. INTJ Poster Child. Carbon Based. Designer.

2 thoughts on “Two! Two merchant slots left! (mwahahaha…)

  1. babychampagne sass says:

    hello there , see if u have booth available for {{BSD Design studio}} and if it is full, please count me as waiting list store
    inworld contact : babychampagne sass

    • bronxelf says:

      Hi there!

      Sorry, we’re entirely sold out this year. All booth fees are fully paid up and we have a full compliment on our waiting list. But thanks for your interest, and give it a shot next year!

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