A general timeline, and some reminders.

Hi all!


Here’s a generalized timeline of what to expect in the coming weeks:


@September 7:  The second merchant package will go out.  This will contain your vendors, gachas, and instructions.

@September 9:  The music event poster will be released and we will be taking gift card donations from stores for the contest prize.

@September 10:  Cursed will close for construction of the event.   You will need your merchant group tag to enter the sim. Bloggers and merchants are welcome to stop by at any time. Lokii will send out mockups of the booth shell sizes as soon as she can.

@September 15:  Load in will begin.  We expect to have a sim map by then.  No promises on an exact time; those damned maps take forever to make.

September 17: Final check throughs will occur.

September 18: ACS opens.

September 20, 8pm SLT:  The ACS music event will take place

September 22: The last day of ACS

September 23-25:  Load out and deconstruction.


As a reminder:  If you will be bringing any items featuring someone else’s intellectual property in any form: You must have a WRITTEN LICENSE from the IP holder.  You should make sure it’s handy too because people will want to see it.

I hate to be all dire about this but *DO NOT* bring infringing stuff to this event.  No art from DeviantArt, no art ripped off of a google search,  nada.  We WILL find it out and we *will* remove you from the event.  I hate to be such a dick about this; I hate the fact that I *have* to be.  But let’s face it… this year has provided ample proof that event organizers do have to be. So.  there it is- no one can say they weren’t told.

And of course, all items brought to the event must be in theme.



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