2 days to go!

It’s 2 days until ACS 2013 opens.


Frankly, everyone is exhausted(but we expect that.)  The merchants are loading in to their shops, the bloggers are wandering around snapping photos and everyone is anxiously trying to get everything done before we open.

We’re going to be opening the event to the public at NOON PST on the 18th.  Though I prefer a midnight opening, the fact that the 18th is a Wednesday means that Linden Lab will have rolled the main channel sims the day before.  This is the same scenario we faced the day WGF opened, when the Lab broke the grid (badly) the day before and had to roll it back and re-roll it again.  As Tuesdays can be really unpredictable, we’re going to just open at noon on Wednesday, allowing for problems in the Tuesday rolling restarts.

We also have a Flickr group here, if you want to post your ACS photos to it.

Also don’t forget, the music event is on Friday the 20th at 8. (and as soon as one of us has the time to make a poster for that, we’ll have one.)  The theme is best in Steampunk and the prize is a box of gift cards from whichever stores throw them into the box (when we did this for WGF it was a LOT of stuff.)

There is ONE box, and ONE winner. So if you want all the goodies, 8pm on the 20th at the Gothika Mobile Unit  (the airship Blimpy) is the place to be.  Lokii Violet is DJing.

See you in two days!

back to work!



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