The Spiral Turns. (aka, we’re open!)








A Clockwork Spiral 2013 is now open!  Come on up and get steamy.

A Clockwork Spiral event poster 2





Proceeds benefit the National Kidney Foundation.

Event SLurl: 

(*bear in mind this is an adult sim, though this is not particularly an adult event.)

Sponsor List

Merchant List

We also have a music event on September 20:

Best in Steampunk at the Gothika Mobile Unit (can’t miss it, we’re dead center of the event) at 8pm. PST.  Lokii Violet is the DJ and Eden Malik is hosting. Prize is a box full of gift cards from participating stores.


We also have a flickr group, where you can find terrific photos like this one from Caitlin Tobias, a member of our ACS blogging team!

Boogieman_001, by Caitlin Tobias


A big, big thank you to the Firestorm team for helping us get the word out as well.  ❤

Our build was done by Lokii Violet, and our blogger coordinator is Sonya Marmurek.

The engines shut off after the 22d, so you’ve got til then to come up and join us!  🙂


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4 thoughts on “The Spiral Turns. (aka, we’re open!)

  1. i’ll be by to see it…. before the end.. looks intriguing


  2. Pietro Abruzzo says:

    As someone who had Polycystic Kidney Disease this is so amazing. You bet my friends and I will be coming out.

  3. Oh crud I’m so sorry I just saw this now; I haven’t logged into Second Life in 3 days and wow i wished i had; i know to well the issues with kidney failure and its not a joyful journey; thank god for everyone that supports this effort. God bless you each and everyone!

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