..and it began with a scream (also, the day 1 total.)

Clockwork Spiral by MattKR Sassower

(isn’t that photo cool?  It’s from the A Clockwork Spiral Flickr Pool and you can put your ACS photos there too!  Thanks, Matt- this is great!)

So, this is a story…

About a half hour before we opened, as I had already planned, I turned build off on Cursed, and rebooted the sim.  It was in serious need of a reboot, as it was – a lot of activity had taken place in the previous week and it was really crunchy.

The sim took a little long to come back but nothing really unusual.  We opened exactly on time (woo.), and had about 30 people on Cursed within 10 minutes.

And then…

Suddenly my IMs blew up with merchants telling me their vendors didn’t work.  That was weird, as we’d not only tested the vendors but I personally had gone shopping on Cursed hours before, and had not had any delivery failures or problems.  First it was one merchant, than 3, than 5… Then I ran to one of my own booths and learned my vendors were broken too.  Several merchants tried different pay scripts THEY had.

The bottom line was not a SINGLE cash transaction (of any kind – you couldn’t even send money avatar to avatar) was working on Cursed.  To say I flipped out is a huge understatement.  I’d really like those 10 minutes of my life back.

What seems to have happened was when the sim rebooted. it never really came back all the way, and some functions never came back online.  When you’d pay a vendor you’d get a popup saying you did it, but no money ever got debited (this is important – no money ever left anyone’s hands- your total never changed) and the scripts didn’t respond in order to deliver product.

The sim needed to be rebooted a second time in order to get it all working properly again (which I did, with much apology on my part) 10 minutes later.

I mention it, in case you were a) on the sim at the time and/or b) this ever happens to you.  Apparently the solution is to reboot the sim.  Now you know.  I panicked so you don’t have to.  Since the second reboot everything’s been fine, though.

So after that bit of opening panic… There we were.  No really, I would like that ten minutes of my life back.  Again a HUGE shoutout to the Firestorm team for helping get the word out, and to Linden Lab as well for doing the same.

Throughout the day the spots with slow gears began to catch up and as of now there’s I think only one spot not filled(working on it.) .  So far, things have gone really smoothly and we have great merchants, bloggers and shoppers doing their thing, and helping to raise some money for the National Kidney Foundation (or as I like to think of it – they what helps you pee.)

Before we began ACS, I needed to figure out how much money I was hoping for.  Several people have asked me why it’s only 5 days.  I should explain.

September is a notoriously demanding month for SL merchants. The end of summer brings with it a veritable deluge of events, many of them long-standing and complicated.  Though this is actually our…fourth? (Lokii, is it third or fourth?) Clockwork Spiral event, we’d previously done it as a club party for one night only – this was to be the first time we’d expanded it into anything larger than that.  I didn’t want to ask merchants and bloggers to commit to a larger, potentially more demanding event during a busy season without it being tested first.

That said, because it was new, and short (only 5 days rather than 2 weeks or more), I needed to keep goals reasonable.  The first year we did WGF, we pulled in 221,641L for charity – but the event ran a full two weeks, from the outset.   SInce we were going to be doing less than half that, I set the goal at 150KL for the charity account (a bit more than half what we pulled in at year 1 for WGF, obviously.)  I told everyone if we made it past that, I’d expand it next year.

Which brings us to the day 1 total:  101,867L

So far, so good.  🙂

Thank you again to all the wonderful merchants, shoppers and bloggers who are supporting this effort.  It’s not really about us – we just provide the space for good things to happen.  You guys are the ones doing the work.

Speaking of work, check out this terrific picture, also from the A Clockwork Spiral Flickr Pool.  This one is from Duchess Flux, and I think the composition is just great.

Thank you so much, Duchess! You look great!

Hopefully nothing else explodes tonight (she said, struggling to make her computer reboot after it crashed in the middle of this post…), and I’ll have a day two total tomorrow!  Also, don’t forget, tomorrow at 8pm PST is the big party DJed by Gothika’s own Spiral Kitteh, Lokii Violet.


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8 thoughts on “..and it began with a scream (also, the day 1 total.)

  1. […] day one total: 101,867L More here: ..and it began with a scream (also, the day 1 total.) | A Clockwork Spiral […]

  2. Lyssa Sapeur says:

    Everything looks awesome. I’m so very very proud and honored to be one of the merchants involved. I can’t wait till next year! What a fantastic day one total!

  3. […] Spiral” opened yesterday in anticipation of raising funds for the National Kidney Foundation. The total for Day 1 is already listed on the official blog and looks to be successful in meeting this year’s […]

  4. Ahh…I was one of the ones who shopped and was wondering what happened to my stuff…although I didn’t complain. What a pity, I’ll have to go back and shop all over again ;-)….The items for sale are awesome! Thanks to all.

    • bronxelf says:

      I am so terribly sorry- if it’s any consolation at all, no money ever got taken from you. You can check transactions to see. It would SAY you paid, but your balance didn’t change and transactions shows nothing – it’s as if the transaction just didn’t register (I know, because when this all happened I must have done 5000L in transactions in the space of five minutes TRYING to get something to work, and it never did.) I’m so sorry for the inconvenience- the sim just never rebooted fully and not a single pay transaction worked (even avatar to avatar) for those ten minutes.

  5. I just noticed this post, the events was lots of fun ^_^

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