O! Flamingia! (and the day three total.)

AClockworkSpiral_01 by DevinVaughn

Today’s header photo is by DevinVaughn.  He blogs for BishieStyle, and he has always been an incredible supporter of every event we’ve ever put on.  He takes beautiful photos and is just an all around super sweet person.  I love this photo so much, and it reminds me that next year we need miniature airships floating around for people to ride. Thanks Devin ❤

Sorry for the late post – to be entirely honest i was asleep at noon PST, which if you were around for WGF you’d know is fairly common.  Oops. Sorry about that.

And now, for some housekeeping – Because we opened at noon, Im extending ACS through noon on Monday the 23rd, just to get the full five days in.  We did this for WGF too, for the same reason.  (I should have thought about it earlier, but frankly didn’t, so here we are.)

Last night was the big party.  It’s the thing from which ACS spawned four years ago.

Four years ago, in mid-September, Lokii did her first steampunk set for Gothika, on a giant airship that was hanging over the harbor (wait why don’t we have a harbor anymore? Remind me to put it back in…  I don’t even remember why we pulled it out…) In order to get off the ship, you literally had to walk the plank.   The sim was PACKED. I don’t think anyone expected the response that first Clockwork Spiral event got.  I also remember the airship being like 450 prims or something stupid like that. Lokii spent weeks trying to cut the prim count down.

We’ve changed ships several times, but the event is always held in mid September, and once we started doing it for charity, the charity has always been the National Kidney Foundation, which was Lokii’s choice since they helped her out with support when she was having some kidney trouble a couple years ago.  Every year, the set is packed, and this year was no exception.  The sim topped out at 64 people last night (I screencapped it at 61, but it definitely went to 64.)

The ship was so crowded not many people got photos. It was just hit or miss as to whether or not you were going to be able to get a shot in.

Sonya (our head blogbunny for all things ever) got in a couple of good ones, though. She managed to nab one of Lokii (of course mutiny occurred within five minutes…)

Mutiny? Throw them overboard! by Sonya Marmurek

she also got a shot of our (well deserved) contest winner. The prize box had 9 stores worth of gift cards.

Steam Horse, by Sonya Marmurek

And I managed to get a single decent shot of our host, Eden Malik (Eden has been on the Gothika staff since her rezday.  She’s the only person I ever broke the 30 day rule for. She’s now some hotshot over at Oceania Breedables, but she still manages to fill in a set or two every so often.)

She looks far more angelic than she is.

All money collected last night went to the charity.   I can’t recall how long Lokii was actually on the deck, but my guess is about 3.5 hours in total.

For years we’ve argued over the name of the ship (I say it’s Blimpy, she says it’s Ophelia) but I think the matter was finally settled by our own mascot, Orvan Taurus.  On my Thursday set, he suggested Oflamingia (owing to Lokii’s love/hate relationship with flamingos.  Don’t ask. Really.) I think that sounds like some horrible steampunk disease, and Lokii couldn’t stop laughing at it when I told her, so I’m pretty sure we’ve renamed the ship the GAS Oflamingia.  It’s still funny.  Im wanting a steam flamingo airship next year.

Thank you so much to everyone who came down, partied with us, donated, and to all the stores who were kind enough to submit gift cards as prizes. Thank you – we are so grateful for your support.  🙂

So after that hugely busy day (and a lot of sleep on everyone’s part…) At noon today PST the charity total was:  L$197,903   (it’s well past 200K as I write this, though.)

So you’ve a bit less than 48 hours to get steamed before we pack up again for another year (though don’t worry, Gothmas by Gaslight is coming in December.)

I’ll leave you with this fantastic photo from our flickr pool by Cindy Gedenspire.  What a great shot!

LPM+Discord Clockwork Spiral, by Cindy Gedenspire


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