Time keeps on slipping…into the future…(and the day 4 total.)

What the Night Brings, by Misty Harley

What. At some point I was going to post a steamgoth image.  I didn’t get a personality transplant…  But this one comes from Misty Harley <3.  Steamy, gothy goodness for all. Thank you. Misty – some of us still don’t wear brown.

I can’t post it here because downloads are disabled but I do want to point out this other photo by Zivaah.  Since I can’t post it, you call go look at it- it’s really great! Thank you Zivaah – this is a terrific image.

ETA:  ZIvaah was kind enough to adjust things so I could show you all this photo – isn’t it great?


As I mentioned yesterday, we’ll be extending ACS to noon Monday in order to get a full five days in (since we opened at noon.)  Also, everyone should know that ACS has brought in more money for charity than WGF did its first year out (which was a full two weeks, just as it is now) in three and a half days.  The org team couldn’t be more delighted and grateful for the support.  Thank you all so much for helping us raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.  This is a very personal charity for Lokii and many others who have needed support for kidney disease and related problems and seeing it get support like this is really heartening.

But we only have 24 hours left.  So I have a challenge. We’re trying to hit L$258K.  I know it seems like a strange number, but it’s basically $1000USD at a limit sell of 248. (really it’s 1002, but there’s a dollar fee on the cashout, and it’s the closest round number.)  If we can do that by tomorrow at noon PST, we will bring ACS back next year as a full two week event, just like World Goth Fair.  We’ve all been brainstorming ideas for next year, and the merchant crew is more than up for doing a full run – but we need your help.

Time is ticking and we only have a bit less than 24 hours left, so come on up and get your last minute shopping done before the mainspring runs down until next year. We’d love to make it back for a full two week run.

The day four total (at noon PST, it’s higher now) is L$241,176 .  It’s certainly possible to reach that 258k goal. 🙂

Sometimes doing these big events feels very surreal, and Duchess Flux got into that same vibe with this wonderful photo:

Surreal Steam, by Duchess Flux

Such a creative image, thank you so much Duchess, and everyone who is posting their ACS photos to our flickr pool.

We really hope everyone is having fun at the fair- and we’ll have a final total tomorrow after noon.  See you then!


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