One spark among the embers… One voice against surrender..

This is normally not my thing – I’m often terrible at how to put words in the right perspective (and why Axi is often the one to do the blog updates and progress of the events.) But with things coming to an end, before Ophelia (Blimpy, O`flamingia – whatever. It’s Ophelia) once again ascends to the night skies until her return next year – with our new journalist in tow with the crew, I wanted to say a few things.

First and foremost – to the merchants. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done and come together for this. This really was one of those last minute crackpot ideas the org. team had, and somehow miracles happen. It worked (despite LL as always trying to break things. Hey we *are* on Cursed, right?)

The generosity of the SL community has always been a strange enigma to me. You can spend countless days watching group chats, local chatter.. watch the anamosity and chaotic things being thrown back and forth, and in that same instant like a light switch being flipped, the genuine heart of the human condition comes out. That innate ability to set aside differences if for even one day, a week, a month for the betterment of each other, for people we may never even meet – and yet we manage to change lives. *Save* lives by our pixelated addictions and bottomless holding closets of clothing and accessories.

It’s no secret that this event once we chose to go a charitable route has been a very close one to home for me. To bring it to a more understandable picture (and by the ever-delightful words of the good Captain Robert from “The Wrong Side”) “I see things the daker kids see, though you wouldn’t believe all that’s happened to me. I’ve been to the back side of hell and I’ve played with your fear and enjoyed it well.” – I’ve danced those darker sides in my life, whether or not I’m proud to admit many of the mistakes that wrong side in our lives often becomes that turning point to make a change, embrace it, and becomes something better, larger than we are in our own humility. Those fears… so very many from addictions and my own declining health put a very stone sobering perspective on where my life was heading if I didn’t embrace that spark.

Where my own help from the National Kidney Foundation was a mix of medical assitance during three consecutive surgeries and moral support (which I needed it and quell the fears, not knowing if my other kidney was going to fail) they do so much more for others, those unseen faces your donations go to. Renal failure, polycystic kidney disease, dilaysis procedures.. the list goes on, helping those that may too have danced on that wrong side, or where life just throws a bad hand of cards. And you – and all your help, your generosity and selflessness have been able to help us give others that same hope someone’s there to keep that dance going, and keep those sails full into the night.

So in parting – a toast to you all for some of the best crewmembers a Captain can ask for. (Or at lest Axi just lets me play dress up and act like I call the shots for one night. Because Shortstack is an awesome boss and a wonderful friend anyone can ask for and be damn lucky to have.) Let’s light the fires, bring this Ol’e Girl about and sail on to the horizon.

We’ll see you next year. Bigger, badder, and cannons at the ready under the radar.

– Lokii


One thought on “One spark among the embers… One voice against surrender..

  1. kerryth says:

    Again, a class act from start to finish. Bravo!

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