Cargo Received, Captain

Well gang, we did it.

After LL’s ever-confusing guessing game of when processing payments will happen the donations rolled in early (let’s assume that they know we’re awesome and clearly it had to come first or someone (probably me if not Axi) would have been heard yelling a mile away.)

be5e535a09af123cdd14fad2e9ac9f46Which then lead to the next adventure of to the site…



Again I cannot thank everyone enough for this and the amazing turnout for this, the blogging team, the merchants, and the SL community’s generosity and support. By default when you donate to NKF it selects your local chapter but we made this as a donation to the main branch so it can trickle down into all the service areas and main division of research and assistance. Just to give a better perspective of how much this has helped:


40 people. It doesn’t seem like an amazing number to shake a stick at, but that’s 40 more getting often necessary and preventative medical help, moral support and a tireless fight to save and lead more fulfilling and healthy lives.


Thank you again everyone. Let’s double the race next year.


– ❤ Loks



2 thoughts on “Cargo Received, Captain

  1. Glad to have been a part of this event. I can’t wait till the next one comes I will be there for sure ( as long as I know about it ahead of time 🙂 )

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