Important confirmation from the NKF.

Because of how cashout rules have changed in the past year, the charity is required to have their own inworld account in order to cash out directly to their paypal account.  However, it’s important to make sure that those accounts are legit, for obvious reasons.

The NKF does have an inworld account – NationalKidneyFoundation Resident.  However, because the profile is mostly empty and it didn’t have PIOF, Lokii got in touch with the NKF directly to ask if that account was in fact theirs before we planned to send it any money.

This is the response we received(click on it to embiggen.):

NKF Confirmation Email


In other words, the NKF has confirmed this account belongs to their charity.  It’s legit.



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One thought on “Important confirmation from the NKF.

  1. […] Resident.  We confirmed with the NKF that the account is legit and belongs to them. (you can read about this here).  We collect all the charity money on our designated alt for this event, and once the event is […]

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