Well. That was unexpected.

So, you know how we usually have applications open for 30 days or until we sell out, whichever comes first?


Due to demand (I’m serious, we’re flooded here.) we’re going to close applications on the 10th.  We will *definitely* be sold out(no question.)  So if you want to apply to this year’s ACS, please do it sooner rather than later.  We didn’t expect this many applications, but we want to make sure everyone who really wanted to apply gets a chance to do it.

You have 8 days.






About bronxelf

NYC Native. INTJ Poster Child. Carbon Based. Designer.

2 thoughts on “Well. That was unexpected.

  1. kerryth says:

    Not unexpected at all! Wonderful event for a great cause.

  2. Diesel Wolff says:

    My friend was planning on applying last year and never got the chance. She’s lost interest now but she had a few pretty cool ideas.

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