Applications update.

As of right now, we have 52 applicants for ACS, with 39 total slots available. We will close applications on August 10.  Of that number, about 15 are sponsor requests. We have space for between 7 and 10 sponsor slots.

Why haven’t we closed them yet if we have that many apps?

This is a curated event.  Not everyone who has applied is the right fit for it(I cut one of our own stores out of this event this year for that reason.)  Preference will be given to people who regularly work with the themes we’ve got going on here(because that makes sense.), and we are always looking for new stores that have never been with us before- because a common event complaint is that “it’s always the same stuff.” It’s a balance.

We’re trying to give everyone a chance to apply who wanted to, but keeping apps open til the 31st when we’ve already technically got a full house makes little sense.  We’re in a strange in-between place. We have more than a full sim, but less than 2 full sims worth, and I would much rather curate than have to manage a second sim we can’t fill this year. Experience has taught me that curating is better than unnecessarily expanding.

I’ve had several IM requests from people who want spots “held” for them.  I’m really sorry, but we can’t. We cannot and will not “hold places” for people.   It’s simply not fair to all the people who have applied.  At Gothmas by Gaslight we can usually do a hold, because the curation at GxG is much lighter (though it will be stronger this year than in past years- last year’s light curation hand was more frustration in the end than Im willing to repeat.)  But at this event we can’t-  If you’re not ready for this one it’s totally fine. We will be having another event (between ACS and GxG) this year that you can apply to if you like.

We will waitlist people who applied but didn’t get the spots they wanted. It is VERY RARE (very) that we don’t have to pull from the wait list.  Things happen, often at the last minute and we need to fill slots  in a hurry.

All the posters and standees are done. I’m just waiting for applications to close and then I can see what’s what.

Blogger apps will open August 15 as planned.




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