It’s a funny thing, about time….



Clockwork Spiral Outlaw, by Chic Aeon

So help me, one of these days Im going to do a series of blog posts somewhere called “Eventing Ain’t Easy.”  Expose the seedy under…no that’s not it.  Just to explain the regularly scheduled pitfalls of doing large events.

September is a difficult month. I don’t know why this is true or why it’s different, but it is.  I think people come back from the hot, languid days of summer itching to do ALL THE THINGS, forgetting how much time ALL THE THINGS take, and forgetting that entropy is kind of a bitch- it sneaks up on you and makes sure nothing quite goes the way you intend.

Always have a backup plan.

We are so fortunate in our event group to have a large number of wonderful, talented people who are able and happy to jump in to our events when things go wrong and people can’t make it for whatever reason.  And so it goes, that over the next few days there will be some map changes, as we shuffle things around. But it’s okay.  It’s what we do for each other to make sure that in the end, it all goes smoothly.

Just… no one look at org chat when I say that. 🙂


Steampowered Broomsticks, by Gia Nikai Juliesse

We had another hugely busy day today. For quite some time there were about 40 people on the sim.  I’ve just set it to restart since it had quieted down to single digits for 5 minutes. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the press coverage, the blog coverage, and the support from Jessica Lyon and Tonya Souther of the Firestorm team as well as Linden Lab themselves, who featured ACS today. We’re doing our very best to bring you 2 weeks of fun, good photography, music and shopping.

Speaking of music…

Today (Thursday) at the Gothika Mobile Unit:

Cruel Britannia will be in doing a goth set (or something very much like it) at 1pm Pacific Time. Nice and Euro friendly. Come down and say hi.  He’s nice and has an adorable accent. Really.

I will be back on the decks at 10pm Pacific time for a timewarp set, featuring big band, swing, and standards for 2 hours of Thematically Appropriate Things.

Our day two total (I took it at 6pm, so we’ve made plenty more for the National Kidney Foundation since then.) is 156202L or about $630USD.  In just two days.  Thank you so much again for your support, and please come down and spend time with us.

Before entropy figures out a way to intervene.


Now Open: Clockwork Spyral by Quan Lavender


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