About our sponsors.

We’re fortunate to have some terrific sponsors who have given some extra support to our event and the National Kidney Foundation. Here’s where you can read more about them, and check out their mainstores and show your support for their efforts.

  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk]

    22769 ~ [bauwerk]

    22769 ~ [bauwerk] offers you original mesh furniture and prefabs. Some of the items are quirky as Paco Pooley – yes, he can be quirky 😀

  • Bliensen + MaiTai

    Bliensen + MaiTai

    From steampunk to victorian, from vintage to goth, from fantasy to rockabilly, from kawaii to haute couture – Bliensen and MaiTai stands for the eclectic, the quirky, the unusual side of fashion. Sometimes dark – rarely dead serious.
    Jewelry, accessories, shoes and hair – detailed original mesh for your individual style.

  • *~ by Nacht

    *~ by Nacht

    Purveyor of fine homes, furnishings, oddities and custom builds. A little dark, a little gothic, a little wacky, often vintage and very much inspired by pirate lore, New Orleans, the Viennese Secession, Tatlin, Jules Verne, HP Lovecraft, Gary Numan, Beethoven, Brahms and Skinny Puppy…

  • Chaos, Panic, & Disorder

    Chaos, Panic, & Disorder

    At Chaos, Panic, & Disorder we strive to provide affordable jewelry, accessories, and gadgetry for gentlefolk of taste and discernment. Also, we have bats, Lots and lots of bats.

  • Fallen Gods Inc.

    Fallen Gods Inc.

    Fallen Gods Inc. provides avatar genetics since 2007, ranging from mainstreaming genres to ones still to discover or create. Visit the Temple, explore and enrich your Second Self with a look that can flow from elf to werewolf, from demon to petite, from fae to snake, from merfolk to vampire, from elemental to drow and much more.
    Give your virtual incarnation the rappresentation you deserve and let imagination be your limit.

  • Gothika


    The home of The Clockwork Spiral for the past five years, the Gothika Mobile Unit (in the form of the Gothika Air Ship Blimpy – don’t let Lokii tell you the name is Ophelia. She lies. It’s Blimpy.) is happy to help support the Spiral once again. We remain the Greatest Show Unearthed since 2008 – where every day is Halloween.

  • House of Rain

    House of Rain

    House of Rain covers you with fine goth jewelry and accessories from nearly head to toe. Apparently, Steam/Dieselgoth jewelry too (who knew?) Original mesh designs of detail and distinction, standing out from the crowd in elegantly despairing fashion, anywhere.

  • :{MV}:


    Malfean Visions is the masterplan of Lokii Violet (if we’re being technical, so is A Clockwork Spiral itself.) Showcasing it’s wide range of products, ranging from Clothing to Jewelry-Latex to Denim – Her design portfolio breathes heavily into the grunge lifestyle and gives you a deep feeling of ’90s nostalgia. From her gorgeous corset designs to her spinning dolly keys. You can count on :{MV}: to give you a fun fashion’s glimpse into the darker corners of the umbra itself. All visitors are met with a Cheshire smile at :{MV}:!

  • Roawenwood


    Roawenwood is a rather neurotic blend of furniture, accessories and clothing for role players, and those with a twisted bend to them. Multiple themes with lots of color from Steampunk to Medieval and Fantasy.

  • !Chop Shop!

    !Chop Shop!

    !Chop Shop! is a mix of ‘fun’ and ‘what the @($!’. Eyes abound in all shapes, colors, and each with their own story to tell. Especially with the doctor’s habit of dissecting anything that comes across her path…

    Come get a new pair of eyes to match the monster inside! Lets get Bloody!

  • Unrepentant


    Unrepentant, brought to you by mesh creator Jalynne Ohmai and scripter Nicolias Sadoul produces a mix of high detail original mesh products and low lag custom scripts. With multiple adorable animated and reactive scripted mesh shoulder pets, house decorations, nails, shoulder-pads, bowties, plushies, a full suite of gacha scripts and a unique pillow fight combat system just a few of Unrepentants unique products, there is only one thing you can be sure of. It’s always worth checking out what we’ve come up with next!


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