ACS 2014 Map and Landmarks.

We don’t open til 6pm on September 15, so if you can’t get into the sim, you’re probably trying to get on before we open (or after we close for that matter.)

BEHOLD, A MAP.  Click on it to make it very, very large.

2014 ACS Booth Map 4


21 thoughts on “ACS 2014 Map and Landmarks.

  1. […] In the meantime, though, we have a map.  It’s on its own page here for future reference. […]

  2. corneliussneed says:

    Behold, a map that is sideways. North belongs at the top of a map.

    • bronxelf says:

      Except that it faces the same way you do when you land. If we turned it sideways I’d be flooded with a zillion IMs about why it doesnt look the way it does from the landing point. I went through this at WGF last year.

      • corneliussneed says:

        Nevertheless, north always goes on top. Saying it should be oriented the way you face at the LP is like saying RL maps are useless because you are not facing north when you go out of your house or get out of your car.

      • Lili says:

        Correct. If people has no sense of orientation that fails to be a problem of geography… it´s a problem with people that are just too lazy to think.

        They want not only the knife, bread and cheese, they want you to mount the sandwich and eat it for them too.

  3. […] Further details of the event can be found on the A Clockwork Spiral blog, which includes information on the event sponsors, provides a list of participating merchants, and a map of the event area. […]

  4. bronxelf says:

    @Corneliussneed 1.They do _not_ always face north. It is perfectly acceptable arch/design practice for them NOT to face north when you indicate where north is in plan. I didn’t bother, because these aren’t construction documents- the map is placed as a courtesy. 2. Whether or not _you_ think that it shouldn’t matter, you aren’t the one who gets flooded with IMs from people who are lost and can’t read the map when it’s turned in a different direction. When people can’t read a RL map, because they get out of their car facing another direction, they don’t call me to complain that they can’t find anything.

  5. Cody nichols says:

    OMG! Tell ppl how they did their OWN project wrong is such an example of narcissistic behavior! I would give that clown, Corneliussneed, a kick in the pants ,but he would write bqack and tell you how I did it incorrectly. LOL
    Keep up the great work.We are all enjoying it.Thank you.

  6. Bob says:

    I submit the NOAA Mapping system, ALL maps are drawn with North at the Top. The same goes for navigational mapping and Charts. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain …. Thanks for the great site and all the information.

    • bronxelf says:

      You’d have to change the arch/design community, and believe me, site maps would start looking REALLY confusing. Regardless, THIS map is facing the way you land at the landing point, deliberately- because that’s the direction most people want the map to face.

  7. Tikki Indigo says:

    I’m a bit confused here, not to sound rude, but this event keeps appearing in my local chat every time I log on…??

    • bronxelf says:

      That’s not specifically our doing. I don’t know which viewer you’re using, but I do know the Firestorm team has had it as a login mention since it opened in order to support the event.

  8. Randy Allways says:

    Second Life is lacking in continuity and a set of standards for everyone to follow. As a Repair tech I need to be able to rely on some from of standardization, We don’t want to be shooting from the hip in the dark. Lets all get together and set standards for everything. It really would make things so much easier. Love Randy Allways

    • bronxelf says:

      Well, our standard is that the map is oriented from the landing point.

      I’ll make sure to indicate where north is on the next one, but – and I want to be really clear – I’m not rotating the map, and I’ll be orienting the next one in the same way. I’ll repeat this- when the map faces in a way people don’t expect *I* am flooded with IMs about it. I went through this at previous events. In a RL work context I rely on standards too. This is not a construction document, and it’s oriented in the way most people seem to want it. It’s oriented the way it is *exactly* to make things easier. In SL, most people don’t know or care where north is. They’re orienting based on where they land.

  9. Lokii Violet says:

    So.. hi folks. *wave* The Build Director that did the sim layout.

    Let me just make a few things perfectly clear here: this is the first time anyone *anyone* has raised such a fuss over the “directional” cardinal points of a map. If this was real life? Yes, I could see a valid point of continually bringing the topic up. This however, isn’t. This is SL. Directional navigation is frankly pointless when it concerns a map. In this case everything is laid out *per the landing point* of the sim. This has never changed, this has always been routine for us.

    The solid factor in how I construct the sims is that Gothika is positioned at dead center sim on the ground (we just relocate a mobile unit into each even build through the year) but this has to be the CENTRAL point of the venue build without change or relocation. It just can’t. It’s the singular spot on the entire sim we can redirect a landing point for because we have residents living on the ground, and forced LPs posed a problem in the past so we completely 86’d this option, not by choice, but to be equally serving to event-goers, and our land residents.

    The maps have always been laid out precisely as displayed overhead (you can even look for comparison to our Futurewave, WGF and Gothmas ones, it’s all central focus of where Gothika is in relation to the main landing locale for said events, directional cases are a moot point in any event that has a designated Sponsor area. Ask damn near anyone that’s operated an event or handles the build factor. These are key elements that never change. So again, cardinal or assumed ‘wrong direction’ maps are moot. Period.)

    If we did rotate it – as Axi has explained several times over – we’d be neck deep in IM’s questioning why, how and where the merchants are in terms of the map. And while we don’t mind helping anyone that asks, this is also not a Bugs Bunny cartoon and getting lost on the way to Albuquerque. It would create a fantastical MESS and volley of questions why the map doesn’t correlate to where they landed at.

    So instead of shooting from the hip, or veiling words in snark, you could always approach any of the Org team and ask instead of blaring it across the blog and a repetitive nature insisting we’re operating our events wrong.


  10. bronxelf says:

    @Lili – pretty much true, but it is what it is. Whenever we’ve rotated maps that way, people get really confused, especially as we have a fixed windlight setting on the sim at all times(since there’s no “light” to orient by, like you would IRL.) When you’ve worked 20 hours a day for weeks at a time, the 20 IMs a day from confused people who are orienting themselves using the landing point is a lot to have to respond to, especially when people often get very cranky when they don’t get an instantaneous reply (Im sure you’ve experienced this at some point.)

    If it will make people happier I’ll put in a notation on the next map, though. *shrug*

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