Such Stories We’ve Had

Emmaline by Duchess Flux

The Spiral is slowly beginning to grind into a halt, preparing for its year of out-of-sight transformation that we are not privy to. This incarnation of it will still keep spinning until 6 am on October 1st, so there’s still a few days to enjoy the atmosphere and wander its streets as its inhabitants and citizens.

It always inspires stories, the Spiral, but this year it seems it sparked people’s imagination more than ever before. This was visible on its streets as the visitors indulged in the mood, in the chance to set away their everyday normalcy and drive right into the diesel-filled dusk. It showed in the wares filling the booths as the inspired merchants had their own fun with the theme. It also showed in the excellence of the blog posts from our reporter crew: not only were the pictures astonishing and full of steam spirit, they were accompanied with delightful amount of stories.

ACS Diesel Dance 2 by Aarya Phantomhive

So this is my usual tip of top hat and curtsey to them as the blogger coordinator, but more importantly: it’s my squee as a reader. Wonderful work, folks! It makes me happy to see bloggers having fun with an event, to truly enjoy what they do: that is when the magic happens.

Also, Axi let me know that we’re currently at 672,359 linden dollars or 2616,25 US dollars on the charity account. That’s really not that far from the kind of money World Goth Fair produces and that was with three sims last year. The Spiral spins in one. All that just to blink in delighted disbelief, smile and curtsey and say the two words so important in the world:

Thank you.

Engineeered for Defense by Hephaesteon


Cursed Bloggers (We Love You)

The Time of Spiral Draws Near

We’re completely off the rails, just the way we like it. That said: the Spiral has emerged and the merchants are free to start loading in whenever they feel like it. The bloggers are also welcome to visit the area whenever they want (landmark in group notices), but do bear in mind that the decoration is still ongoing. This also means that it was the time for the blogger checkup.

If you’re new to how Cursed Events works from blogger point of view, the nutshell is: the group stays always the same, all the bloggers need to apply to every event they wish to blog (sort of a raise of hand of being present) and before the early access and review copies distribution begin, the bloggers that haven’t applied are removed from the group. This just happened today.

The removal has nothing to do with if the bloggers did a good job or not, or if we love them or not (the answer to both is usually ‘yes’), it simply keeps things fair for everybody. From the creator side they don’t send out review copies to people who have’t shown interest and commitment to this particular event and from blogger side: we don’t assume that just because you’ve blogged our previous event that you have time for this one, or inspiration, or that you’re now obligated to blog us forever and ever.

The main reason why we so dearly love our blogger crew is that they excel in their work: they produce marvelous, inspired pictures and stories and clearly enjoy the events as much as we do. If you’re feeling low on inspiration, are busy in RL or just not feeling the theme is right for you, it is perfectly alright not to apply and blog an event of ours, be removed from the group in the routine checkup and still be welcomed back with a squee when an event of ours does fit your schedule and mood. We prefer skipping a few events to the feel of obligated blogging any day.

If you were one of the removed bloggers and had simply missed all the group notices about the matter, just IM Sonya Marmurek about it and we’ll fix it. No worries at all, SL happens.

Another note I must emphasize every event is to the new bloggers: we have by now a steady, wonderful core crew of bloggers that automatically fills most of the available blogger space for every event. Bloggers who are good and would have been accepted when we first started may now have struggles in getting in because of this.

Cursed Events covers several events of which some are bigger than others and therefore also the amount of bloggers we accept per event varies. The smaller ones (like ACS) are even more difficult to get in than the bigger ones like World Goth Fair. Despite this we keep the application process open because every event I find a few gems that make me ooohh and hit the invite button immediately, but obviously those oohh-slots are very, very limited.

All this just to say: please do not take it personally or as any sort of frowny judgment on your blogging skills if you don’t get in. The spreadsheet comments are mostly full of ‘…but we’re already full, sigh.’ and nothing else. Regardless if you got in early or not, we invite you all to come in and enjoy the Spiral: the tracks zoom to diesel this year!

Blogger Applications Are Open!

A Clockwork Rider by Aarya Phantomhive – ACS 2013

That’s right, time to zoom in, read and scribble things into the application. You can find the actual application underneath the Important Text of Great Importance right here.

As always: even if you’re already in the group, please fill in the application. That way I’ll know that you’re around, not busy in RL and are interested in the theme. I’ll clean the group from the people that I haven’t heard from before the early access begins, but everyone is more than welcome to apply to the next event, or the one after that: whenever you have time and inspiration.

I’m looking forward to see and read the stories you all will conjure with the theme this year, just one month to wait! Better start up the clockwork muse engines!