The Spiral Opens.

A Clockwork Spiral 2014 Build, by Kostika Mistwalker


A bit of a bumpy start but we’re here.   ACS 2014 is now open.  The SLurl is and just as a refresher, here’s a map (click to make it bigger.)


2014 ACS Booth Map 3


There will no doubt be some last minute merchant scrambling for the next 24 hours or so, but rest assured, it will all get here, and ACS will remain open until 6am October 1.  In the meantime there’s PLENTY for everyone to come look at.

Tonight, the Lokapottamus tells me she will be doing a set at the Gothika Mobile Unit at 8pm SLT (spot F on the map, go down the stairs.) and in theory, I’ll be at the mobile unit at 10. Also, turn your music on- we’ve got event appropriate music on MOST of the sim.

Come help us support the NKF.  Welcome to the Spiral.


A Clockwork Spiral, by Nimil Blackflag


T minus about 18 hours.

The Time of Spiral Draws Near, by Sonya Marmurek


It’s almost time.  The merchants are frantically trying to load in, the bloggers are poking their heads in from time to time to see where we’re at, review copies are going out, and we’re generally just getting ready to open the Spiral at noon tomorrow.  Every time we do an event it doesn’t seem like it will ever be ready in time, and then amazingly, it all just comes together (more or less) in the last few moments.


So tomorrow at noon, we’ll once again get together to help raise money for the National Kidney FoundationOur flickr group is open for everyone to post their spiral photos, and our excellent blogging team is hard at work doing the magic they do to make it all look wonderful.

We’ll see everyone tomorrow.


Applications update.

As of right now, we have 52 applicants for ACS, with 39 total slots available. We will close applications on August 10.  Of that number, about 15 are sponsor requests. We have space for between 7 and 10 sponsor slots.

Why haven’t we closed them yet if we have that many apps?

This is a curated event.  Not everyone who has applied is the right fit for it(I cut one of our own stores out of this event this year for that reason.)  Preference will be given to people who regularly work with the themes we’ve got going on here(because that makes sense.), and we are always looking for new stores that have never been with us before- because a common event complaint is that “it’s always the same stuff.” It’s a balance.

We’re trying to give everyone a chance to apply who wanted to, but keeping apps open til the 31st when we’ve already technically got a full house makes little sense.  We’re in a strange in-between place. We have more than a full sim, but less than 2 full sims worth, and I would much rather curate than have to manage a second sim we can’t fill this year. Experience has taught me that curating is better than unnecessarily expanding.

I’ve had several IM requests from people who want spots “held” for them.  I’m really sorry, but we can’t. We cannot and will not “hold places” for people.   It’s simply not fair to all the people who have applied.  At Gothmas by Gaslight we can usually do a hold, because the curation at GxG is much lighter (though it will be stronger this year than in past years- last year’s light curation hand was more frustration in the end than Im willing to repeat.)  But at this event we can’t-  If you’re not ready for this one it’s totally fine. We will be having another event (between ACS and GxG) this year that you can apply to if you like.

We will waitlist people who applied but didn’t get the spots they wanted. It is VERY RARE (very) that we don’t have to pull from the wait list.  Things happen, often at the last minute and we need to fill slots  in a hurry.

All the posters and standees are done. I’m just waiting for applications to close and then I can see what’s what.

Blogger apps will open August 15 as planned.



The Spiral Turns. (aka, we’re open!)








A Clockwork Spiral 2013 is now open!  Come on up and get steamy.

A Clockwork Spiral event poster 2





Proceeds benefit the National Kidney Foundation.

Event SLurl: 

(*bear in mind this is an adult sim, though this is not particularly an adult event.)

Sponsor List

Merchant List

We also have a music event on September 20:

Best in Steampunk at the Gothika Mobile Unit (can’t miss it, we’re dead center of the event) at 8pm. PST.  Lokii Violet is the DJ and Eden Malik is hosting. Prize is a box full of gift cards from participating stores.


We also have a flickr group, where you can find terrific photos like this one from Caitlin Tobias, a member of our ACS blogging team!

Boogieman_001, by Caitlin Tobias


A big, big thank you to the Firestorm team for helping us get the word out as well.  ❤

Our build was done by Lokii Violet, and our blogger coordinator is Sonya Marmurek.

The engines shut off after the 22d, so you’ve got til then to come up and join us!  🙂

All sponsor slots are GONE.

They were actually gone within an hour.

But yes, all sponsor slots for A Clockwork Spiral 2013 are gone.  Slightly over half the available merchant slots are gone.  I will be going through today’s apps and inviting the merchants to the inworld group. You will also get an email to the address you provided on your application.

For those people who sent me inworld messages with additional info – yes I got it, no worries. All good.  Merchant packs should be going out for the first round in the next 24 hours. If you get a merchant pack and DONT get an inworld group invite, tell me or Lokii.  It means SL ate it (it does this a lot) and we’ll resend.

If you were planning to apply, I’d suggest sooner rather than later. This is a smaller event than WGF and we will sell out faster.

More info as we have it.


Welcome to A Clockwork Spiral.

Hi Folks! Welcome to A Clockwork Spiral, from the usual suspects that bring you World Goth Fair and Gothmas by Gaslight.

This will actually be our fourth?(I think it’s our fourth…) Clockwork Spiral event to benefit the National Kidney Foundation, but this is the first time it’s going to be more than one night. This year it’s a 5 day event from September 18-22 2013, full of steam, diesel, and dark Victoriana.  Merchant applications are now open (blogger apps are coming, give us time) and can be found right here, along with an event FAQ.

Any questions that need to be answered right away should be sent inworld to Axi Kurmin or Lokii Violet. Please, no notecards- just send an IM.  We’ll get it as an offline.

Ready?  Go.