The Spiral Opens.

A Clockwork Spiral 2014 Build, by Kostika Mistwalker


A bit of a bumpy start but we’re here.   ACS 2014 is now open.  The SLurl is and just as a refresher, here’s a map (click to make it bigger.)


2014 ACS Booth Map 3


There will no doubt be some last minute merchant scrambling for the next 24 hours or so, but rest assured, it will all get here, and ACS will remain open until 6am October 1.  In the meantime there’s PLENTY for everyone to come look at.

Tonight, the Lokapottamus tells me she will be doing a set at the Gothika Mobile Unit at 8pm SLT (spot F on the map, go down the stairs.) and in theory, I’ll be at the mobile unit at 10. Also, turn your music on- we’ve got event appropriate music on MOST of the sim.

Come help us support the NKF.  Welcome to the Spiral.


A Clockwork Spiral, by Nimil Blackflag


T minus about 18 hours.

The Time of Spiral Draws Near, by Sonya Marmurek


It’s almost time.  The merchants are frantically trying to load in, the bloggers are poking their heads in from time to time to see where we’re at, review copies are going out, and we’re generally just getting ready to open the Spiral at noon tomorrow.  Every time we do an event it doesn’t seem like it will ever be ready in time, and then amazingly, it all just comes together (more or less) in the last few moments.


So tomorrow at noon, we’ll once again get together to help raise money for the National Kidney FoundationOur flickr group is open for everyone to post their spiral photos, and our excellent blogging team is hard at work doing the magic they do to make it all look wonderful.

We’ll see everyone tomorrow.


The last gear grinds to a halt (and the event total!)

As the Gears Turn, by Mildread Gloom

The gears have stopped turning for this year at A Clockwork Spiral, but before they did, Mildread Gloom got this great photo on the promenade.  I love the lighting in this.  Thanks Millie! ❤

Well, we finally closed. I actually had to restart the sim to get people to go home!  It’s been an incredible run, and more than we ever expected.  Thank you so much to all the people who came out, shopped, took pictures, dragged their friends out, out AMAZING blogging team (omg they work so hard) and the incredible group of merchants who helped bring ACS together. We don’t really have other words to use, or we’d use them, but thank you.

Of course no one wants to hear me ramble on (I don’t either) so let me get to what you all WANT to know- the total.

I’d set our initial goal at 150KL,  That was based on the first year of WGF, which did a 2 week run (a full 14 days) and had made 220KL in its first year.  (this year, it made over a million linden.) But we only had 5 days for this so 150K seemed reasonable.  I then said if we surpassed it, I’d extend the run to a week next year.  I THEN said, if we hit 258KL (1000USD) I’d make it a full 2 week run, just like World Goth Fair.

The actual total raised in 5 days at A Clockwork Spiral 2013:

L$278,444. or $1082.04USD for the National Kidney Foundation.

We are coming back for a full two weeks next year, folks.  Count on it.

The money is already in motion.  I sent the full amount to my main (because it has an increased cashout limit) and set it at a limit sell of 248 (on larger amounts the limit sell is a much better deal even if it takes a few hours to complete.)

sell order ACS

sell order receipt ACS




As soon as I get confirmation that the sale has gone through completely, and I send the money off to paypal, I’ll post the screencap.  Right now Im just waiting on the sale to complete. I will post the screencaps of every part of this transaction (as I always do.)

ETA: The sell order has filled, and for slightly higher than expected:

sell order filled



The money is now in motion to Paypal.  (the transaction costs 1USD.) It will take about a week (four business days for me, usually, but there’s a weekend in the way.) As soon as it hits, I will transfer it to the AKF and post the transaction and receipt.

ACS money in motion








We’re now going to start gearing up for the holidays, which means Gothmas by Gaslight.  Applications will open on November 1.  Again, thank you all- we just provide the playground- you make it happen.

I’ll leave this with one of Sonya’s photos. I couldn’t ask for a better blogger coordinator (and wouldn’t know where to find one anyway…)

It Has Tesla Beams In Its Eye Sockets, by Sonya Marmurek


eventually, the gears began to turn on their own… (also, the day two total.)

A Clockwork Spiral, by Achariya

(this photo makes me so happy, first because it’s just terrific and second because Acha is back :D)

One of the things about organizing big events is there gets to be a point where they just sort of power along under their own steam (no pun intended, actually.) You spend weeks and weeks frantically working, and then once they get going it pretty much runs itself, with minor steering corrections.  This always feels strange, after so much work, though I must admit the ability to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time (cat willing) is most welcome.

That said, if you’re a true perfectionist, event organization isn’t your game – really.  You’ll find yourself obsessing over things and not being able to just say “run with it. We’re out of time.”  I think the ability to just make the call to go ahead even though it’s not *exactly* as planned is a crucial event management skill.  Because it’s genuinely never going to be “perfect”.    That has to be something you accept as being okay. All you can do is try to plan better for those eventualities next time out. Each time is a learning experience in “stuff you never expected to happen”

But enough philosophizing about stuff no one cares about.  Tonight is the big event party on the GAS Blimpy (that’s Gothka Air Ship.  Lokii keeps saying it’s named Ophelia but really, it’s Blimpy. Honest.) You can’t miss it. It’s the big blimp holding the event up in the middle of the build.   It starts at 8pm, and Lokii is the DJ (this is the one time I get to sit it out.  I won’t say Im not grateful!).  Gothika’s own Eden Malik is hosting (she also owns that cute Ampersand Photography gacha that’s sitting outside the Oceania Breedables booth too – it’s good stuff, check it out!), and I’m sure everyone at this point knows Lokii owns .{MV}.

The contest is Best in Steampunk, and the prize (winner take all- there’s only ONE box) is a box full of gift cards to a whole bunch of different stores.  Stuff! Things!  You know the drill.  The contest itself will go from 8-10PM PST though Im sure Loks will play longer than that. So come and get your best steam gear together and  raid the blimp!  All money collected tonight goes to the National Kidney Foundation. 

As I said yesterday, my goal for this event was modest and sensible, given its short duration (and when it happens to occur.)  We’re closing in on it, though!  The day 2 total (which is higher now, I grabbed this total right at noon PST) is 135,158L.  (the truth is it looks like we’ll shatter the event goal by tonight at some point.)

Return of Clockwork Angel, by Aarya Phantomhive

One more thing – I really want to thank our blogging team.  The posts we’ve seen and the photos they’ve shared have been nothing short of spectacular. Blogging an event is hard work (trust me, I wouldn’t do it if you paid me.) and the blogging teams (and our own bunnyherder, Sonya Marmurek, who is my blogging manager for all things, ever) always go above and beyond to get us great coverage. Thank you all so much – really, we could not do what we do without you.

As always you can check out our flickr group for more great images – or add your own!

See everyone at the event tonight – hopefully the airship stays up!  More total coverage tomorrow.


The Spiral Turns. (aka, we’re open!)








A Clockwork Spiral 2013 is now open!  Come on up and get steamy.

A Clockwork Spiral event poster 2





Proceeds benefit the National Kidney Foundation.

Event SLurl: 

(*bear in mind this is an adult sim, though this is not particularly an adult event.)

Sponsor List

Merchant List

We also have a music event on September 20:

Best in Steampunk at the Gothika Mobile Unit (can’t miss it, we’re dead center of the event) at 8pm. PST.  Lokii Violet is the DJ and Eden Malik is hosting. Prize is a box full of gift cards from participating stores.


We also have a flickr group, where you can find terrific photos like this one from Caitlin Tobias, a member of our ACS blogging team!

Boogieman_001, by Caitlin Tobias


A big, big thank you to the Firestorm team for helping us get the word out as well.  ❤

Our build was done by Lokii Violet, and our blogger coordinator is Sonya Marmurek.

The engines shut off after the 22d, so you’ve got til then to come up and join us!  🙂

2 days to go!

It’s 2 days until ACS 2013 opens.


Frankly, everyone is exhausted(but we expect that.)  The merchants are loading in to their shops, the bloggers are wandering around snapping photos and everyone is anxiously trying to get everything done before we open.

We’re going to be opening the event to the public at NOON PST on the 18th.  Though I prefer a midnight opening, the fact that the 18th is a Wednesday means that Linden Lab will have rolled the main channel sims the day before.  This is the same scenario we faced the day WGF opened, when the Lab broke the grid (badly) the day before and had to roll it back and re-roll it again.  As Tuesdays can be really unpredictable, we’re going to just open at noon on Wednesday, allowing for problems in the Tuesday rolling restarts.

We also have a Flickr group here, if you want to post your ACS photos to it.

Also don’t forget, the music event is on Friday the 20th at 8. (and as soon as one of us has the time to make a poster for that, we’ll have one.)  The theme is best in Steampunk and the prize is a box of gift cards from whichever stores throw them into the box (when we did this for WGF it was a LOT of stuff.)

There is ONE box, and ONE winner. So if you want all the goodies, 8pm on the 20th at the Gothika Mobile Unit  (the airship Blimpy) is the place to be.  Lokii Violet is DJing.

See you in two days!

back to work!


All sponsor slots are GONE.

They were actually gone within an hour.

But yes, all sponsor slots for A Clockwork Spiral 2013 are gone.  Slightly over half the available merchant slots are gone.  I will be going through today’s apps and inviting the merchants to the inworld group. You will also get an email to the address you provided on your application.

For those people who sent me inworld messages with additional info – yes I got it, no worries. All good.  Merchant packs should be going out for the first round in the next 24 hours. If you get a merchant pack and DONT get an inworld group invite, tell me or Lokii.  It means SL ate it (it does this a lot) and we’ll resend.

If you were planning to apply, I’d suggest sooner rather than later. This is a smaller event than WGF and we will sell out faster.

More info as we have it.